What Makes the Best Travel Articles?

If you are searching for travel articles for your website – whatever the focus of your site may be – it is important to find the best quality ones you can. To this end it helps to have an idea of the features that go into the best pieces of this type. We’ve put together a list of items you should consider.

They should have a good, strong focus

What is the article to be about? Is it about a city or another destination? Is it about a country in general? Perhaps it is about a specific attraction within that country.

Whatever the case may be, it needs to have a specific focus so people can tell whether they want to read it or not. For instance travel articles about London should focus on the city itself. Alternatively one focusing on the Tower of London shouldn’t then start rambling on about the entire city. Each one should have a distinct focus that it keeps throughout.

They should be very well written

The quality of the writing in travel articles is an important aspect of their final quality. If you are exploring an attraction, venue, city or country, you must do so with an eye to the visual aspect of the writing. If people have not been to the destination they must get a good idea of what to expect from how the piece is written. It should attempt to take them there, albeit in the mind more than anything else.

When it comes to writing travel articles, a good way to test this is to write the piece and then hand it to someone else to read. See how they respond to it and you can use the information they give you to strengthen and tighten it up.

They should be visual in nature

Even though the reader may be thousands of miles away from the destination or place they are reading about, the writing should still be able to create a visual appeal. It should be descriptive and able to set the scene in a visual way, even though this is done through words. While pictures can help support an article they are not always entirely necessary, or even possible to get. Thus the writing itself should be strong enough and visual enough to stand up on its own.

Of course the more of these pieces you write the better you are likely to become. But you should always put in as much effort as possible, every single time. The best travel articles are those that can truly take the reader to the destination you are writing about. If you can reach the stage where you can achieve this almost every time, you will be well ahead of the pack. You might even enjoy a new career as a travel writer.

Laura Jeeves is a London based travel writer with several years’ experience in the industry. She is a freelance travel articles

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