How to Stoke Your Creation Momentum

You know how it feels when you’ve been making progress toward your life and business creations only to find yourself feeling stuck and unable to take the next steps. You know your creation fire has dwindled but you don’t know what to do about it.

Here are three secrets to help you rekindle your momentum and get going again.

Secret #1: Clean out the old energy

You’ve been creating fast and furiously but you may have missed the tremendous pile of stuff cluttering up your office that is putting out your fire. This is when you need to take a good hard look around and pay attention to any place in your office where there is a pile of papers or blocked energy.

In order to create a dynamic year for 2013 you need the energy of past programs and projects out of your way so your creation field is clear for what’s next. You may think cleanup will take too much time and slow you down but it’s necessary in the same way you have to clear the ash out of the fireplace in order to keep burning.

Secret #2: Clear out disappointment

Energetically nothing puts a wet blanket on momentum faster than the feeling of disappointment. It makes you question what you’ve been doing. You start wondering if it was all worth it. You place your attention on not getting the results you expected instead of opening your creative flow to consciously generate success.

Disappointment can quickly become self-indulgent. Because you’re disappointed, you decide not to try anymore. Your creativity flow stops with the judgment of your results. To clear disappointment you need to remember that creation takes practice just like learning ballet. To become skillful at anything-from an online launch, to filling a program, to creating the relationship of your dreams-takes practice.

Don’t give up or give into disappointment. Clear that feeling and get out there and go for it again. And remember: take responsibility for doing it even better this time.

Secret #3: Focus on truth

The quickest way to return to clarity which rekindles your momentum is to focus on truth. When dodgy thoughts start to close you down such as “you’re not good enough to do this” or “everyone else is further along than I am so why should I try” ask yourself if it’s really true.

There is actually no one else with the same message or energy as you have. So no matter how much someone else has achieved, they are not you. You owe it to yourself to bring your message and essence to the world. Focus on the truth of where you are honestly in your development and what you need to strengthen to create your life and business dreams.

Stoke your inner fire again

When your creations seem stalled, step back and ask: do I need to clean out old energy, clear out disappointment, or focus on the truth? Momentum fires up your actions. So pick your momentum strategy, and get going again!

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